A Burst Water Pipe Is An Emergency To Deal With Quickly

One of the most unfortunate disasters you might have to deal with as a homeowner is a flooded home due to a burst plumbing pipe. On the one hand, the water is clean so there is less contamination to deal with than if your home is flooded by heavy rain, but the extent of water damage is just as bad no matter what the source of water is. Here are some steps to drying out and repairing your home when you've had a burst water pipe. [Read More]

4 Tips To Deal With Mold And Mildew After Flood Damage To Your Home

Flooding causes serious damage to your home, and the cleanup process can take a long time. In addition to dealing with getting water out and restoring your home, you may also have to deal with mold and mildew problems that develop due to the moisture. Knowing how to clean the mold and do repairs will help prevent these problems from coming back in the future. Here are some tips to help deal with mold and mildew after your home has been damaged in a flood: [Read More]

Heavy Rains In Your Forecast? 4 Steps To Take When Cleaning Up From A Flood

With seasonal flooding in full-swing throughout much of the US, it's a good idea to get prepared for the possibility that your home could be affected. Do you know what to do if your home is flooded? Do you know what steps to take to prevent mold growth? If you answered no to either of those questions, here are some steps that will help you through the process: 1. Shut the Power Off [Read More]

3 Categories of Water that Can Damage Your Home

At some point you may have to face the problem of having water damage in your home. Water can be quite dangerous once it gets into a house in large amount, and will require professional help to get rid of it all. The first step is understanding what kind of water damage you have. There are 3 water classifications that you can have during a flood. Clean Water—Category 1 When you have a bathtub that overflowed, an appliance that is leaking water, or a pipe that busted open, you will be dealing with category 1 damage. [Read More]